02 November 2011

october gift-away by azreenchan

I love to read Azreen's blog and see all her works.
When I was exploring her blog (read all her posts ~ one by one)
I found an entry regarding this October gift-away.
A book? Wow! That's amazing.

I love reading so much and so do my 3 adorable kids.
We have our own mini library at home which I dreamt to have it
when I was small. When I was pregnant my first baby (Aiman),
I started buying children books for my baby..started collecting many kinds of books.
Now, we have tons of book at home.
My children can freely read their books. They even have their own shelves.

Love to see them reading.

When I saw this picture, I made up my mind to participate in this
gift-away. Why? I really want to know what was SO good. Don't you?
Can't wait right?

Honestly, I never heard Olliver Jeffers before but it's not too late for me
to know him right? I hope I can win this gift-away and it will be my first
move to know him better.

My children and I also love drawing. My husband also does but
he doesn't show off his talent so much :P
My two sons (Aiman & Afiq) are very talented in drawing.
They started drawing by copying cartoon characters from
their books and comics. Surprisingly, it was so amazing 
(for small kids like them).
Aiman started drawing since he was 5.
We (my husband and I) encourage them.
Whatever they like as long as it legal :) we will support them.
And now, my daughter (Aireen) starts to draw too...(envy of her brothers I think).
So this book will be their favourite as it has amazing
children illustrations by Olliver Jeffers .
And you know what Azreen...my two sons love to doodle too.
Hope they will be like you..a talented doodler. InsyaAllah...

Thus...I really hope I can win this gift-away.
It means so much to me as I really love to read children books.
By reading children books, I can relax my mind and it's fun to explore
what is inside the book since nothing is impossible
in the children world. Isn't it amazing?
(Don't believe me?) Look at the above picture.
I wonder how a such thin boy can really eat those books!
Hmmm...seems weird, right?
So Azreen...please let me be the winner coz I really want to
know the answer and its whole story.
Please..... (begging)
Then after that I will handover this book to my children (if I win..haha!).
Don't worry, they handle it with care because they love books too.

Till then...happy reading!
November 6th...am waiting for you!