28 December 2011

DIY : Shrink Plastic Tutorial from azreenchan

I won a book for October gift-away from azreenchan last few months.
But still have no time to take the picture and post it here.
Anyway, I just read about this tutorial at azreenchan's blog.
It's very kind of her to share this with us.
I really admire her work. She's very talented and so good in drawings.

So, do you want to learn how to do this?
Thank you azreen for sharing this tutorial with us.
Sharing is caring, right?


25 November 2011

I am a winner

I won all these from stitchnknot 1st giveaway.
Thank you Yana


17 November 2011

Clearance Sale

Thank you to those who bought this economy pack.

So, to those who are interested to buy this pack,
hurry up! Because only 2 packs left with special price.

Now RM30.00 (including postage)
If you want to buy, just email me : aieentheprincess@yahoo.com

Button - 230 pcs
Eyes - 10 pcs
A free gift

11 November 2011

Buttons - Economy Pack

Hurry up! Grab this economy pack.
12 packs available.

(postage included)

1. Buttons ~ 230++
2. Eyes ~ 10 pcs
3. Free gift

email me: aieentheprincess@yahoo.com

03 November 2011

Salam Aidil Adha

Before I continue, thanks to Mr Google for this picture.
Salam Aidil Adha to all.
I'm going back to Teluk Intan for celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Adha,
maybe on this coming Friday. InsyaAllah...

Feel sorry to my parents in Terengganu
since only three of my siblings (Azmi, Azizi and Farrah) are going home
for this Hari Raya. Deeply sorry..abah and mie.

The others: Azli in Kulim, Azhar also in Kulim, Azuin in Temerloh,
Tie in Sandakan and me in Parit Buntar are not going back.

For those who are doing the Hajj this year, hope all of you will be
rewarded 'Haji Mabrur'. Ameen....

As Muslims, we remember and commemorate the trials and triumphs
of the Prophet Ibrahim.

That's all.

02 November 2011

october gift-away by azreenchan

I love to read Azreen's blog and see all her works.
When I was exploring her blog (read all her posts ~ one by one)
I found an entry regarding this October gift-away.
A book? Wow! That's amazing.

I love reading so much and so do my 3 adorable kids.
We have our own mini library at home which I dreamt to have it
when I was small. When I was pregnant my first baby (Aiman),
I started buying children books for my baby..started collecting many kinds of books.
Now, we have tons of book at home.
My children can freely read their books. They even have their own shelves.

Love to see them reading.

When I saw this picture, I made up my mind to participate in this
gift-away. Why? I really want to know what was SO good. Don't you?
Can't wait right?

Honestly, I never heard Olliver Jeffers before but it's not too late for me
to know him right? I hope I can win this gift-away and it will be my first
move to know him better.

My children and I also love drawing. My husband also does but
he doesn't show off his talent so much :P
My two sons (Aiman & Afiq) are very talented in drawing.
They started drawing by copying cartoon characters from
their books and comics. Surprisingly, it was so amazing 
(for small kids like them).
Aiman started drawing since he was 5.
We (my husband and I) encourage them.
Whatever they like as long as it legal :) we will support them.
And now, my daughter (Aireen) starts to draw too...(envy of her brothers I think).
So this book will be their favourite as it has amazing
children illustrations by Olliver Jeffers .
And you know what Azreen...my two sons love to doodle too.
Hope they will be like you..a talented doodler. InsyaAllah...

Thus...I really hope I can win this gift-away.
It means so much to me as I really love to read children books.
By reading children books, I can relax my mind and it's fun to explore
what is inside the book since nothing is impossible
in the children world. Isn't it amazing?
(Don't believe me?) Look at the above picture.
I wonder how a such thin boy can really eat those books!
Hmmm...seems weird, right?
So Azreen...please let me be the winner coz I really want to
know the answer and its whole story.
Please..... (begging)
Then after that I will handover this book to my children (if I win..haha!).
Don't worry, they handle it with care because they love books too.

Till then...happy reading!
November 6th...am waiting for you!

23 September 2011

my new project

dah lama tak update blog. i'm so busy.
keje kat opis, keje kat rumah, with my kids.
and i have nothing to be told.
hmmm...i am planning a new project.
but it takes time to finish it.
until then...chow!

25 August 2011

salam aidilfitri

seronoknya...tinggal beberapa hari je lagi kita nak sambut
hari raya. tapi sedih jugak sebab bila syawal menjelma,
ramadhan akan berakhir. semoga kita semua akan
dipertemukan lagi dengan ramadhan yang akan datang. ameen...

hari ni hari terakhir kak ida bekerja. esok cuti.
tak sabar nak balik kampung.

so, di kesempatan ni..kak ida nak ucapkan
selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.
kalau ada salah dan silap sepanjang kak ida berceloteh
dalam blog ni, harap maafkan lah ya?

ops..lupa plak. mekasih ya incik google
untuk gambar comel kat atas tu.

08 August 2011


wow! what a big surprise! and what a big prize! :-D
i won the 1st place for stitchNknot 1st giveaway.
am i dreaming? wait...
oush! no. i'm not dreaming :-P
go to this link to read the details.
thank you to stitchNknot for choosing me as your 1st winner.
keep up your good work!
and may allah bless you always.

29 July 2011

happy ramadhan

happy ramadhan to all muslims out there
especially to all malaysian crafters.

a doa for ramadhan
may allah bless us

thank you to mr google for above pictures

26 July 2011

stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

stitchNknot 1st giveaway, open to all Malaysians!!

interesting hah? i'm really excited to join the stitchNknot 1st giveway.
i hope i'll be lucky enough to win the 1st place :-P
wanna join? it's so easy...as simple as ABC
and don't forget to follow all the steps.
go to this LINK if you wanna join.
now..it's time for me to answer the question.
"Which stitchNknot craft do you like most and why?"
hmmm...i think i like the gray neko (the plushie)

even stitchNknot thought  he's a little bit weird but i think he's not.
he's sooo cute and adorable with his round big eyes, a pink bow
and not to forget his head (cute hah?)
my daughter (ayeen) admires gray neko so much.
you know why? because she loves the bow :-D

ops...i forgot that i have to complete the second task.
"give at least 2 comments/suggestions/tips to improve
my handmade craft and blog"
actually i'm not the right person to give sort of
comments/suggestions/ tips
to stitchNknot because i think her crafts and blog are good enough
and completely better than mine.
but then...i still have to follow the steps.
so, here they are...
1. for bookmark: i think you should put printed ribbon instead of
the plain one. it'll look better and attractive.
2. for pillow: you are good in making cartoon and animal characters
into reality. so why don't you apply them onto your pillow.
your pillow will look great!
3. i love to see your kawaii series (handphone pouch).
can you add more new faces?
maybe boys version handphone pouch, so boys out there can have
a chance to have the cute kawaii series as well.
4. for your blog list, i think you better add a picture to
each blog that you followed. (a thumbnail for each blog).
so that, your blog list will be more attractive and we can clearly see
the new posts/updates from other bloggers.
i know...it needs more space to do it, but that's the best dear...

ok stitchNknot, i think that's all from me. good luck with your
crafts and your study as well.
i really hope i'll be one of your winners. chayok!

22 July 2011

a gift

assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of you.
this small red pillow is a gift for my youngest sister.
just the pillow, not the elephant :-P
that elephant belongs to my daughter...aireen a.k.a. ayeen

back view.
thank you cute elephant for being a wonderful company
to the tiny bee.

close up.

12 July 2011

order from : tini

two small pillows
size: approximately 16" x 16"
price: RM30

 front view

close up

back view
thank you tini

11 July 2011

a gift

a car signage. a small gift for tini.
hope you like it.

order from : tini

my previous entry was on may 19, 2011. hmmm...lama kan?
i was soooo busy (just an excuse :-P)
ini bekas tisu duaposen with a pink owl that has yellow wings
and a pink heart. is she missing someone?

a hp case with an adorable bee.
i like it. do you?

back view

again...a maroon hp case but a bit bigger.

back view
a little mushroom and a little 'bubub'

a square keychain

back view
thank you tini :-}


keychain kereta viva ni dah berzaman kak ida buat.
dan dah bagi pon kat tuan empunya.
walaupon gambar yang kak ida snap ni tak berapa nak chantek
seperti mana design tu takde ler seiras viva,
tapi kak ida buat keychain tu dengan sehabis baik.
use it my little sis, don't just keep it.
ops, lupa plak. bahagian belakang ada sekuntum bunga warna pink
dan no plet kereta, sebab tu takleh nak tunjuk.

i'm sorry

tini, i'm really sorry for what i've promised you.
i'm truly sorry for keep you waiting.
i'm deeply sorry for everything.
tomorrow...your two small pillows will be sent to you by incik posmen.
hehehe....sorry ya tini?
thousands apologies.

19 May 2011

order from : tini

siap akhirnya order dari tini.
hari ni kak ida pos ya?
ops...lupa plak. tini ni mama aina (yg tempah pencil case aritu)
so ni kira repeat order la dari tini.
makaseh ya bu tini :-)

bunga2 ni adalah brooch. tini yang request warna dan design tu.
harap tini suka. kak ida dah buat sehabis baik :-)

ini plak hp case. warna pink dan biru.
dua2 tu peberet kaler kak ida tau.
tini pon mesti suka pink ni.

ini bahagian belakang.
asyik bunga je kan tini?
heeee...kak ida suka bunga agaknya.
nama tini tu kak ida letak kat batu bata (kononnya la)
sebab tu ada bintik2 kat kotak pink tu.

 yang ni coin purse. bunga lagi...
tini jgn marah ya?
harap2 tini pon suka bunga.

bahagian belakang. ada nama tini, ada reben bear2
dan ada mutang2.

tebal : 2cm

kat dalam...cam biasalah...dialas dgn kain cotton.

last but not least...external case (bahagian belakang)
untuk tini's hubby. sebab tu simple je.
nama QASEEH a.k.a. aina adalah anak tini.
nama penuh aina sedap sgt,

ini bahagian depan.
kak ida letak huruf Q kat situ.
harap tini tak kisah...tapi jgn tak suka ya?

bahagian dalam dilapik dgn felt warna kelabu.
selamat ler sket.

tebal : 3cm
itu ler order dari tini. mekasih ya tini.
lain kali leh order lagi :-)