26 July 2011

stitchNknot 1st giveaway!

stitchNknot 1st giveaway, open to all Malaysians!!

interesting hah? i'm really excited to join the stitchNknot 1st giveway.
i hope i'll be lucky enough to win the 1st place :-P
wanna join? it's so easy...as simple as ABC
and don't forget to follow all the steps.
go to this LINK if you wanna join.
now..it's time for me to answer the question.
"Which stitchNknot craft do you like most and why?"
hmmm...i think i like the gray neko (the plushie)

even stitchNknot thought  he's a little bit weird but i think he's not.
he's sooo cute and adorable with his round big eyes, a pink bow
and not to forget his head (cute hah?)
my daughter (ayeen) admires gray neko so much.
you know why? because she loves the bow :-D

ops...i forgot that i have to complete the second task.
"give at least 2 comments/suggestions/tips to improve
my handmade craft and blog"
actually i'm not the right person to give sort of
comments/suggestions/ tips
to stitchNknot because i think her crafts and blog are good enough
and completely better than mine.
but then...i still have to follow the steps.
so, here they are...
1. for bookmark: i think you should put printed ribbon instead of
the plain one. it'll look better and attractive.
2. for pillow: you are good in making cartoon and animal characters
into reality. so why don't you apply them onto your pillow.
your pillow will look great!
3. i love to see your kawaii series (handphone pouch).
can you add more new faces?
maybe boys version handphone pouch, so boys out there can have
a chance to have the cute kawaii series as well.
4. for your blog list, i think you better add a picture to
each blog that you followed. (a thumbnail for each blog).
so that, your blog list will be more attractive and we can clearly see
the new posts/updates from other bloggers.
i know...it needs more space to do it, but that's the best dear...

ok stitchNknot, i think that's all from me. good luck with your
crafts and your study as well.
i really hope i'll be one of your winners. chayok!